3 anti-ageing treatments you need to know about

The best anti-ageing treatments

Target the signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles with our pick for the best anti-ageing treatments. 

Everyone's skin ages, but these days, you have plenty of choices as to how those fine lines and wrinkles appear. 

With targeted skincare products, advanced treatments and more options in your arsenal, you can take control over the ageing process.  

If you're wondering where to start with anti-ageing treatments, here are a few that can make a big difference. 

Targeted skincare products 

Sticking to a skincare routine that works for you will help keep your skin in great condition. By focusing on hydration and anti-ageing ingredients, you can make sure fine lines and wrinkles don't appear prematurely. 

Even oily skin types need hydration, and as we age, our skin loses some of its natural ability to hold and retain moisture – which is why it's important to find a moisturiser that works for you. Our range of Skinsmiths skincare was developed with different skin types in mind, so there's something for everyone. 

Fine lines and wrinkles often tend to appear near the eye area as we age, so it's worth adding in an eye cream as well. Look for effective ingredients to make sure the product is pulling its weight - our Eye Concentrate includes Argireline, a peptide that works to actively reduce the appearance of lines, as well as Eyebright extract to de-puff and help with dark circles. 

Cosmetic injections 

If lines and wrinkles are already starting to show, an injection of aesthetic medicine can help reduce their appearance and give you a younger-looking complexion. 

Our facial expressions – laughing, smiling, frowning - are produced by the movement of muscles underneath the skin. Over time, these muscle contractions lead to wrinkles and 'grooves' forming in the skin. As we age and our collagen and elastin production slow down, these lines become more pronounced.  

Anti-wrinkle injections made from a purified protein are applied under the skin, temporarily reducing the action of the targeted muscles and preventing them from moving. As a result, lines and wrinkles in the skin are softened.  

Dermal filler 

A common sign of ageing is the loss of volume in the face and lips that happens as we get older. Dermal filler (another type of cosmetic injectable) targets this by creating an instant 'plumping' effect to restore fullness back to the face. 

The substance is a gel made from hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance in skin known for its hydrating properties) that works to plump up the skin and smooth away deep lines, folds and wrinkles.  

If you're considering any type of cosmetic injection, we'd highly recommend coming in for a free consultation with our team of Skin Technicians. They'll talk you through everything you need to know and help you understand what your treatment options are, as well as how much it's likely to cost.