5 things you didn't know about laser hair removal

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Check out these surprising facts you may not have known about laser hair removal.

Our founders were one of the first to bring the treatment to the world 

Over two decades ago, our founders David and Jackie Smith were the first to bring laser hair removal to New Zealand, when they opened their first clinic in 1994. Technology has changed a lot over the years but now we use the latest generation laser in all our Skinsmiths clinics for laser hair removal. We’ve been offering laser hair removal for over 20 years and have performed over 175,000 treatments! 

One off treatments won’t give you results 

For real lasting results, one laser hair removal treatment won’t do it. For the hair forming cells to be properly disabled; we recommend a course of treatments on our laser hair removal membership. Most of our clients require 6-8 treatments for best results. 

You can pay off your treatments slowly 

At Skinsmiths, you can pay for your treatments in a way that suits you, in either monthly installments or annually – we work around what’s best for you.  

The treatment is quick and easy 

All our treatment providers are highly trained to ensure you’re in the best hands and comfortable throughout your treatments. Most laser hair removal treatments take between 10-20 minutes, so you’re in and out in no time. 

We guarantee results 

It’s our priority to ensure you get the best results possible. On our laser hair removal membership, we offer an exclusive guarantee for two years following your treatments! That means if you don't see results, we'll treat you at no additional cost*.

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