Celebrating the unspoken heroes

Nurses day


Every industry has unspoken heroes – the people who make a difference but don’t often step into the spotlight. International Nurses Day is a time to celebrate the life-changing work and integral role our Aesthetic Nurses play in performing the most advanced treatments and procedures. 

Anna Campbell, our CEO had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of our award-winning nurses about where they have come from, why they chose our industry, and what they love about it. 

Jo has been a nurse for 13 years and joined Caci about a year ago. She comes from a background in ICU and for her, this job reflects the true roots of nursing – caring for people. 

She remembers a man who walked into the clinic one day with a long history of cancer treatment and resulting weight loss. All he saw in the mirror was his illness staring back at him. Jo recalls the amazing moment he looked at his reflection after having dermal fillers to restore the volume in his face. He cried because what he saw was his face staring back.  

“It was extraordinary for me to be a part of his life-changing transformation,” said Jo. 

The procedures that Jo and many other nurses offer to our clients are the perfect mix of science, art and expert knowledge about anatomy. Each nurse takes part in ongoing training at our Centre of Excellence (based in New Zealand) to ensure they stay up-to-date with injecting techniques, modalities and trends. They also participate in a Professional Development Pathway which requires each nurse to continually meet standards of the highest level of practice. 

When our clients come in for a consult, they know that experience, regular training, and passion for client care is what drives our Aesthetic Nurses, encouraging confidence that their dream results can be achieved.  

I talked with another of our award-winning nurses, Stacey McConnochie who won the Skin Expert Award. Stacey has a library of unique stories to share, but there is one that stands above the rest. A woman had lost her husband two years prior and had found the last 24 months the hardest of her life. “When I look in the mirror all I see is an old, tired lady,” she told Stacey in their first consult. Twelve months later, after some careful planning and a series of Fractional CO2 Laser treatments, she felt like a different woman. Her skin was vibrant and healthy and, most importantly her confidence had returned. 

“Although this was just a small part of her healing process, it was an honour to be there beside her,” said Stacey. 

The stories are endless, and I am in awe of the empathy and sensitivity our nurses show every day. They have come from all sorts of backgrounds in the medical field – plastic surgery, post-cardiac intensive care or operating theatre, even some past clients have become Aesthetic Nurses! 

We are so proud of our nurses and the part they play in restoring the self-confidence of many women and men throughout our clinics. Here’s to you!