Client Story: Jas shares her journey to be the most confident version of herself

Jas Sergeant interview


"After my second treatment, I put on my makeup, looked in the mirror and my reflection winked back at me! Wow, that's made a difference." - Jas Sergeant

Jas is a real estate agent, motivational speaker and contemporary celebrant. She is on a journey to be the most confident version of herself. 

Jas identifies as transgender.

Having come out to her friends and family in the UK in December 2016, Jas finally felt able, ready and empowered. In January 2017, she returned to New Zealand, and her new role as a real estate agent - as a woman. 

As part of her transition, Jas has been visiting Suzie, one of our amazing Aesthetic Nurses at Caci in New Zealand. Over the past two years, she’s had a range of treatments; aesthetic medicine to help add volume and definition, laser hair removal and is now considering Fractional CO2 Laser to improve overall tone, firmness and texture.

Jas says her treatments have been extremely satisfying, helping both physically and psychologically and she considers her relationship with Suzie to be a special one – she has, after all, played a major role in Jas’ journey.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Jasmine Sergeant - Real Estate Agent, Motivational Speaker and Contemporary Celebrant - and self-proclaimed Advocate! Watch her interview with our Global CEO Anna Campbell below.