Do you look older than you should?

Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture


Whether you're 25 or 45, looking refreshed and healthy is always on the skin wish list.

However, when we get older, little giveaways of our age can start to develop so it’s important to really take care of our skin concerns with a proper treatments and suitable product regime. We’re looking at some common skin concerns that could be making you look older than you really are. 


Uneven skin tone is a common problem, and can present as flushed cheeks, age spots, dark patches on skin, to uneven skin texture. IPL works to fight redness and pigmentation for a clear and even skin tone. The treatment safely pulses light through the skin and targets the concern in the underlying tissue. Once the pigment has been targeted, it appears at the surface of the skin, then flakes away (often called milo-ing!). This is all part of the healing process and a great sign the treatment is working. 


Smooth, even skin texture is an ultimate sign of youth, so if your skin is feeling rough or congested, it’s time for a refresh!

To help correct uneven skin texture, we recommend a combination of conditioning treatments to resurface the skin, remove dead skin cells and encourage skin circulation. 

If your main skin texture concern is scarring or loss of firmness, Microneedling could be the ideal treatment for you. The treatment uses fine needles to cause tiny pin pricks within the skin. When your skin is damaged, collagen tissue is produced to repair and rebuild skin. This new skin is stronger and firmer than before, resulting in smoother, firmer skin over a course of treatments. 


We all know lines and wrinkles can be one of the biggest contributors to looking older than we feel! We also know how difficult they can be to reduce without expert advice. Fractional CO2 Laser is our most advanced high intensity treatment for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This laser treatment works through controlled damage of the skin; using pulses of light to damage skin cells below, which then triggers the skin’s natural healing process. During this healing process, damaged cells grow back stronger and faster than before. The result is firmer and smoother looking skin.   

To ensure you have healthy skin for years to come, regular conditioning treatments are your best bet. For more information, book in for your free consultation at your preferred Skinsmiths clinic.