Getting "down there" treated with laser hair removal

laser hair removal

Ever wanted to know what exactly goes on when it comes to hair removal ‘down there’? Here’s everything you need to know before having your first appointment. 

Your first treatment can be pretty intimate, but it’s nothing to worry about! Before we get started, we’ll ask you what you want treated, and where! Then you’ll be left in the room for a moment to get changed and hop on the bed, and relax. Make sure you shave all of the hair on the areas you are looking to get treated a day or two before hand. Also, if you’re coming straight to your appointment from a busy day, you might want to bring along a wet wipe for a quick clean up; you’ll feel a lot fresher and more confident before having your treatment.

We try to make sure that we treat all of the unwanted hair in a way that is comfortable for you, so don’t worry about being put in any awkward positions. Generally, while laying on your back you will have one bent leg relaxed to one side. To get to the back, you will bring your knees to your chest. The perianal area is included in your treatment for Hollywood and Brazilian.

If you want a long term solution, laser hair removal is the best option; it’s a safe, cost effective and permanent hair removal solution for unwanted hair. Whether you’re into hollywood, an extended bikini, or a simple landing strip, there’s an option for everyone!