How to rejuvenate your skin

How to rejuvenate skin


If your skin's in need of a little lifting, brightening and overall rejuvenating, read on for our top tips to help you get that glow back.

We all want beautiful, healthy skin. As well as playing a key functional role for our bodies, skin also plays a big part in our confidence and how we present ourselves to the world - so taking care of your skin is one of the best beauty investments you could make. 

If your skin could do with a little extra TLC, here are our tips for rejuvenating your complexion. 

Treat your skin to a detox 

Whether it’s a product of too many late nights, a few extra sugary treats, rising stress or something else, there are several factors that can cause issues with your skin. Whatever the cause, a detox treatment can be just the thing to help your skin get back to its best. 

At Skinsmiths, our signature Detox Treatment includes a microdermabrasion facial combined with thermal laser to give you brighter, more even skin with improved texture. As one of our conditioning treatments, this is ideal for those looking to maintain healthy, happy skin and can also help prep the skin for more advanced treatments. 

Target specific concerns 

If you’re battling dry skin, dullness, uneven skin texture or other skincare concerns, you’ll get better results by treating these areas directly. Consider adding in targeted skincare products, such as a Vitamin C powder for brightening skin tone or hyaluronic acid to help give dry skin a boost of moisture. 

For more advanced concerns, you may want to consider in clinic treatments. Our IPL laser resurfacing treatments can make a visible difference for redness or pigmentation, while our Fractional Laser can help correct more extensive signs of skin damage.  

Get to know your skin type 

Like many other things in life, skin also benefits from consistent care. With the right treatments and products, you can help maintain healthy, happy skin - and our team of skin experts can help you get there. 

During a free consultation at one of our clinics, your Treatment Advisor can help talk through any skin concerns you may have and give you advice about the specific treatments and products best suited for your skin. They can also help tailor a schedule of targeted treatments for you as part of our Skin Health Plan, which gives you other perks and benefits including a skincare starter kit for you to take home.