If you only try one treatment, it’s got to be our signature one


Designed by us our signature treatment is designed to clean, clarify and brighten skin. The Skinsmiths Detox treatment combines microdermabrasion with thermal laser.

After a gentle cleanse, the treatment starts with microdermabrasion to exfoliate the skin. Next is the thermal laser, thermal Laser works by carefully penetrating light into the skin to generate heat. This encourages collagen production for stronger, smoother and more healthy skin. To complete the process, a hydrating serum is applied before sun protection. Your skin will feel smooth, fresh and hydrated.

There is no down-time and the treatment is suitable for most people – so you can get in and out in a lunch break, with nothing but glowing, healthy skin.

As with most of our treatments, we recommend a membership with a regular course of treatments to achieve long-lasting results. The Detox Treatment is available on a Skin Health Membership, alternatively you can try the treatment for just £68. 

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