Look and feel more confident with our top tips


Whether it’s presenting at a work meeting or going on a first date, showing you’re confident can be challenging. Here are some great tips on how to walk into a room feeling self-assured and in command, while also making others perceive you as someone who is ready to take on the world! 

It’s in the stride

The way you walk is a big giveaway about your confidence. If you trudge along slowly and shuffle your feet, it screams to others that you’re nervous. Instead, take your strides with a burst of energy to show you’re in charge and confident.

Closet Confidence

The way you dress plays a key role in how confident you appear to others as first impressions are predominately made on visual aspects.

So think about what styles work for you, according to your body type and colouring, so you look your absolute best. The right clothes will make you feel it too!

It’s all in the eyes

Avoiding eye contact, looking at the floor or just shifting your gaze suggests you are shy or uncomfortable. Boost up your confidence by making direct eye contact when talking and add a warm smile, to make yourself feel more natural and at ease.

Stop the slouch

Research shows that your posture doesn’t only affect the way others perceive you, but also influences your own confidence levels. So stand up straight, and you’ll look and feel more confident. Lift up your chest and imagine someone is pulling a string through your whole body. The higher you stand, the higher you’ll also feel!