Meet our Aesthetic Practitioners

Meet our Aesthetic Practitioners

Meet the team of Aesthetic Practitioners who deliver our cosmetic injectables treatments.

Before having any kind of cosmetic medicine treatment, whether it’s dermal fillers or wrinkle relaxer
injections, it’s important to choose a treatment provider you can trust.

At Skinsmiths, only qualified Aesthetic Practitioners deliver our cosmetic injectable treatments, and we
have the benefit of 25 years of experience thanks to our sister brand in New Zealand. We also offer
complimentary consultations so you can ask all the questions you need to know in advance, and feel
fully informed about the treatment process.

Get to know our Aesthetic Practitioners at Skinsmiths below.

“Having spent five years studying head and neck anatomy as a dentist, the progression into
facial aesthetic medicine was a natural and rewarding one.

I believe aesthetic medicine is more than about how you look, but about how it makes you feel.
I pride myself on creating natural results which enhance rather than change one’s face.
Just like the Skinsmiths skin health plans, every treatment is tailor made to each client to
ensure the best result possible for each individual.

Outside of work most of my spare time is spent playing lacrosse. I am currently working
towards the 2020 World Cup with the Welsh National Team.”

Melissa has been practicing as an independent nurse prescriber in the field of aesthetic
medicine for the last eight years. She has previously worked in the fields of dermatology and
emergency medicine. She is a passionate advocate for this ever evolving industry and the
positive impact it has on people’s lives.

Melissa chose Skinsmiths as she shares their philosophy for treating clients as unique
individuals by combining a range of different treatments and techniques to achieve their
individual goals.

“I have a keen interest in subtle enhancements to make you feel the best version of yourself.
My background as a dentist gives me a gentle hand, a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of
the face and a detailed aesthetic eye.

Our cosmetic injectables membership at Skinsmiths is a bespoke plan to suit you and help
achieve the look you desire all year round, which is why I love working with Skinsmiths as I get
to see my clients regularly.

Outside of Skinsmiths, I enjoy keeping fit in my spare time and travelling often.”

“I have always had a passion for aesthetics and love working at Skinsmiths, delivering results to
members. With a background working as a Doctor for seven years and as an Anaesthetist for
five, I have plenty of experience in working a needle, complex anatomy, and looking after my
patient's best interests. The transition into Aesthetics was an enjoyable one, made easier by
lots of transferable skills and a love of my job!

I undertook my Level 7 qualification in injectable aesthetic medicine, which provides a safe,
OfQual recognised education, and high standard of training. Aesthetics medicine is a rare
branch of medicine that allows you to combine complex anatomy, physiology and
pharmacology alongside artistry and flair to achieve great results and happy patients, which
makes me feel good about my work. Every day, every patient, and every desired aesthetic is
varied and different- we work with you to make you the best, most confident version of