The secrets to keeping your skin happy under your mask

Lady with mask smiling

For the past few months, face masks have been reserved for our essential workers or your trip to the supermarket. Now that we’re all required to wear face masks on public transport, you might be worried about what it might do to your skin. Never fear, Skinsmiths have got your back (and your face) and have all the tips you need to keep your skin happy and healthy whilst wearing a mask.

How do I get rid of mask breakouts (aka Mask Acne, or Maskne)?

Your skin needs to breathe, and although masks are great for keeping you and everyone else safe, sometimes they aren’t very kind to your skin. Covering your face makes it easier for dirt and moisture to get trapped, which makes the perfect breeding ground for spot-causing bacteria.

Before you run off and ditch the mask (please don’t do that!), follow these simple steps to help prevent and control mask acne.

  1. Change or wash your mask after each use This is key to stop the spread of bacteria in the world but also on your face.  
  2. Fresh face -Try to cleanse when you get home, as inside the mask can get humid from your breath, and maybe a little sweaty too.
  3. Skip the makeup, or use less if you can. Your skin has less ability to breathe under your mask, so give it a chance to get some air by wearing minimal makeup.  
  4. Exfoliate - As your pores are more likely to become clogged with sweat and dead skin cells under your mask, try using an exfoliator with both AHA and BHA for a deeper clean. Our Overnight Glow is perfect for this.
  5. Avoid touching your face - We know the masks can be uncomfortable sometimes, but try not to adjust it regularly. If you really need to, try to adjust it without touching the skin around your mask, and remember to wash your hands before you touch your face.

My skin is dry and irritated from my mask – help!

We know some masks can rub after wearing them for long periods of time and this might be making your skin unhappy in places.  

  1. Consider switching to a different type of mask if you can. Some masks might not fit your face shape and rub in areas more than they should, so another shape might fit more comfortably.
  2. Switch to a gentle cleanser. Because your skin is more sensitive in these areas, you need to be careful not to remove oils that your skin needs to protect itself. Aren’t sure what to try? Our Cream Cleanser is super gentle and nurturing on unhappy skin.
  3. Be careful exfoliating. We love a good exfoliant, and normally they work wonders for your skin, but it’s best to avoid irritated areas for a while, even if they look dry and flaky. For now, your skin needs any extra layers of protection it can get. In love with your exfoliator? Don’t worry, you can continue to exfoliate any areas that aren’t irritated to help prevent breakouts. 
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! While we don’t normally recommend moisturising multiple times a day, your skin needs some extra love at the moment.  A moisturiser creates an extra barrier between your mask and your skin, helping to prevent any further irritation. 
  5. If your skin is extra unhappy and the irritation is severe, use a barrier protection ointment like our Skin Healing Gel and speak to your doctor to rule out an allergic reaction or dermatitis.

Remember, we’re always here to answer your questions. Get in touch by email or social media.

Stay safe and be kind.

Love, Skinsmiths x