Skincare treatments to help you glow this Christmas

Party season beauty and skincare tips

Get party ready and keep the glow going throughout the holiday season with our tips for the best treatments to try.

Christmas means party season, and no matter whether you’re heading to office drinks with the crew or getting together with family, you want to look your best – and the best base for any makeup look is healthy, glowing skin. 

A good home skincare routine is key for keeping skin happy and healthy, but to take it up a notch for party season, it’s worth investing in some extra TLC for your skin. Targeted skin treatments performed in clinic help give you that extra glow – so here’s our rundown of the options worth trying before your next big occasion. 

The Detox Treatment 

Got a special party or occasion coming up? Bring out the big guns with our signature treatment for rejuvenated, radiant skin. 

Our Detox Treatment combines microdermabrasion with thermal laser for the ultimate skin detox duo. The microdermabrasion is non-invasive yet effective for exfoliating and hydrating, helping to remove any dead skin cell buildup that could be making your skin appear dull. Next, the thermal laser element of this treatment works to stimulate collagen production in the skin for a smoother, younger-looking effect. You’ll leave with a gorgeous glow that’s sure to turn heads at any Christmas party.  

Try a Detox Treatment at a special holiday price of £61.20 (10% off) this season, or join Skinsmiths as a member and enjoy a series of treatments and other perks from $65 a month. 

The Skincare Infusion Treatment 

Christmas can be stressful, and when you’re stressed this tends to show in your skin. A Skincare Infusion treatment could be just the thing to help give your skin some much needed nourishment and get you back to feeling fab. 

It works by using micro-currents to help infuse a combination of skin-boosting ingredients deeper into the skin, where they can target concerns more effectively. After a consultation to go over what your skin type is and what results you would like, your Skin Technician will then tailor an infusion treatment that best suits you.  

Try a Skincare Infusion at a special holiday price of £61.20 (10% off) this season, or join Skinsmiths as a member and enjoy a series of treatments and other perks from $65 a month. 

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