Surprising reasons why your skin is dry

Dry skin

Are you applying moisturiser, but your skin still feels dry and flaky? Dry skin is a common skin condition caused by the lack of water in the epidermis layer of the skin. Your skin could be dry for a number of reasons, some of them quite surprising:

What you’re taking
Medicines can affect your skins hydration due to high dosages or strong ingredients. Medications for acne can particularly dry your skin out and cause irritation. 

To combat this kind of skin dryness, make some small changes in your diet for a big difference. Foods like avocado and pomegranate hydrate for smoother, more nourished skin. Also ensure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. 

MoisturiserIt’s an age thing
As we get older, our skin can become drier than usual. After 30, we start to lose elasticity in the skin and sebum production slows down, making it prone to dryness and other signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Ageing is inevitable, and although we can’t make it stop completely, we can help slow it down. 
A skincare regime will help target skin dehydration. For an intensive moisturiser, we recommend the Skinsmiths super rich Hydrating Moisturiser, formulated with hemp seed oil, avocado oil and mango seed butter.

Your drying techniques
You may be conscious of what you’re washing your face with and the products you’re applying, but have you ever thought about how you’re drying your skin off after? Using dry, scratchy towels can cause dryness and irritate the skin. Invest in some soft, good quality towels, your skin will thank you for it! Check out the Skinsmiths Cleansing Cloths. 

The way you use your towel can also affect the skin; always use patting motions when drying yourself instead of harsh, dragging motions which can aggravate and stretch the skin. 

Dry air
For those who work in an office, the dry air from air conditioning and heaters winter are punishing on your skin and can cause dryness and itchiness. When it’s chilly, try not to blast the heater but instead put on another layer of clothing. Otherwise, a humidifier while you sleep can help restore moisture to the air to prevent dry skin. 

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