Turn back the clock: Treat brown spots & pigmentation


Lines and wrinkles get a lot of the attention, but pigmentation can be just as ageing.

Pigmentation is very common. It’s caused by an increase in melanin, which produces the colour in our skin – the more melanin we have, the darker our skin. 

One of the most common pigmentation concerns is Melasma. Melasma typically looks like patches of grey or tan/brown on the face, neck, chest and hands. Sun exposure, stress, hormonal changes and ageing cause these cells to produce excess pigment, resulting in brown patches. It’s also commonly seen on women during pregnancy.

We understand the importance of a clear complexion and how it can affect our confidence, that’s why we have a range of skin treatments available at Skinsmiths to reduce pigmentation and treat sun damage. 

A tailored membership which includes skin conditioning treatments such as our Skinsmiths Detox Treatment and more High Intense Treatments such as IPL can be effective to treat pigmentation. 

You also need to remember to protect your skin from sun exposure to avoid pigmentation developing. Apply sunblock everyday - even when there’s no sun! Check out our bestseller Skinsmiths Daily Defence product.

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