What are skin conditioning treatments?

Skin conditioning treatments London

We break down exactly how skin conditioning treatments work and why they could be the secret weapon your skincare routine is missing.  

Finding a routine that works for you is so important for healthy, happy skin. We know that great skin doesn’t happen overnight – instead, your skin needs regular and consistent care to look its best. 

That’s why we developed a range of skin conditioning treatments to help maintain that selfie-worthy glow all year round, as part of our Skin Health membership.  

Not sure whether skin conditioning treatments are right for you? Here’s everything you need to know. 

What do skin conditioning treatments do? 

Skin conditioning treatments at Skinsmiths are a great way to keep skin hydrated, healthy and refreshed. They’re ideal for anyone just starting to get serious about skincare, or for those who want to maintain their skin and prepare it for more advanced treatments to target specific concerns. 

They work by using a mix of technology and techniques proven to make a difference to skin, including microdermabrasion, thermal laser and micro-currents. This allows the treatments to work more effectively, below the surface level of the skin, where they can help trigger real changes. 

Do I need skin conditioning treatments? 

Just like regular workouts for your body, skin conditioning treatments help keep your complexion in great shape – and by having them consistently, you ensure the effects last longer than a single facial or one-off treatment. 

We recommend having a series of conditioning treatments first if you’re looking to try one of our more advanced High Intensity Treatments, as this will help ensure your skin is prepped and ready for the next level of the Skin Health membership.  

Our range of skin conditioning treatments at Skinsmiths includes our signature detox treatment, microdermabrasion and a skincare infusion. For more information on these treatments and which ones are best for your skin type, book in for your free consultation at any of our clinics.