What is a High Intensity Treatment anywho?

High intensity treatment

High Intensity Treatments are the treatments that will really get you results - don’t worry they aren’t as scary as they sound.  At Skinsmiths we have three High Intensity Treatments we use:




Fractional Laser

What it treats

-Reduces scarring

-Improves skin texture

-Reduces pigmentation and age spots

-Reduces redness


-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

-Improves skin texture and tone

How it works

Small needles prick the skin, encouraging collagen production.

Light targets areas of pigment in the skin, breaking it down and bringing it to the skins surface where it flakes away.

Light is passed into the deep layers of the skin encouraging collagen production and triggering the skin to grow back smoother, tighter and more even in tone.

Before you join, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your skin goals and design a treatment schedule consisting of a mixture of conditioning treatments (skincare infusion and/or microdermabrasion) and high intensity treatments.

It is likely your treatment schedule will have several conditioning treatments in short succession at the beginning, this is designed to increase skin cell turnover and prepare your skin for the high intensity treatments. Following this treatments will become more regular with reviews slotted in along the way.

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