What sleeping in your makeup really does to your skin


Are you guilty of this: Getting home late, then collapsing into bed without a second thought, without removing your makeup?

This innocent habit can be more detrimental than you think and can have some scary long term effects on your skin.
Read below to find out what is really happening when you skip your evening makeup removal routine. 

You’re stopping the skins renewal process
Like the rest of our body, our skin needs time to heal. At night, the skin’s most important function is to renew itself and rejuvenate. When there’s a thick layer of foundation on top of it, it can’t do this to its full ability, leading to dry and dull skin.  

You’re more likely to break out
If you’re prone to breakouts, sleeping in your makeup isn’t doing you any favours. Makeup can become impacted in pores when left on overnight, causing them to enlarge and the development of acne. So, if you’re worried about congested skin or spots, washing your makeup off every night is the first step! 

It can break down collagen, making you age faster
Sleeping in makeup can cause inflammation and generate free radicals in the skin. As a result, collagen breaks down, increasing your chances of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is also essential for youthful, plump skin, so you’re risking losing elasticity and volume in your face by not removing your makeup. 

It’s not just face products, you could damage your eyes and lips too
Aside from not sleeping in our foundation and face powder, we also need to remember to remove other makeup such as mascara and lipstick. 
Wearing mascara while sleeping can clog and irritate follicles, leading to inflammation and itchiness. If severe enough, can also lead to conjunctivitis due to excess bacteria. 
There are also no surprises when saying that lipstick is not the same as lip balm or lip treatment. So doesn’t hydrate lips when slept in, it actually does the complete opposite, drying and chapping. To keep lips soft and moisturised, always remember to use a makeup wipe or wet tissue to remove your lippy before bed. 

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