Why sunscreen is important all year round



The sun is the number one cause of aging skin - it is estimated it causes around 80% of aging, ahh!

uvaOften, we skip the sunscreen when the sun disappears in winter, however the suns UVA rays are still just as strong in winter as they are in summer throughout the whole day. UVA rays can penetrate clouds and glass too, so even on those cloudy days they are still getting through. 

The UVA rays go deep into the skin and create longer-lasting damage. These are the rays that cause ageing (think UVB – Burning and UVA – Ageing). They are the rays that cause and worsen:
•    Pigmentation, freckles and age spots
•    Lines and wrinkles
•    Loose skin
•    Premature ageing 

That is why it’s just as important to be using your facial sunscreen in winter. 

When you apply sunscreen, you are effectively giving your skin a protective barrier that deflects UV rays. Unfortunately, the sunscreen in moisturiser or makeup is not enough to block the rays – because we never apply enough of these products for full protection. Every product you use does help to build your protection and using a sunscreen is the best way to start. 

Apply your sunscreen as the last step of your skincare routine and before your makeup. Use approximately a 20p coin worth (or 5-7 pumps of Skinsmiths Daily Defence). Give it a few minutes to sink in if you are applying makeup on top. Top up your sun protection every few hours - this can be difficult if you do wear makeup, however there are few sunscreen products like powders, or facial sprays – watch this space, Skinsmiths are about to launch a product that makes topping up easier too!