Glowing skin in 15 minutes: All about our Express Detox Treatment

Express Detox


Need a quick pick-me-up for your skin? Get glowing with our signature conditioning treatment.

Happy, healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight – but if you do need to give your skin some extra TLC, a targeted conditioning treatment can give you that extra boost you're looking for. 

Our Express Detox Treatment – a shorter version of our standard Detox Treatment - is perfect for those on the go, designed to rejuvenate your skin in just 15 minutes. 

What does it do? 

Expect cleansed, clarified and brightened skin. The treatment works by combining microdermabrasion with thermal laser, exfoliating the skin and encouraging collagen production. 

To round it all off, your Skin Technician will finish by applying a hydrating serum for some extra nourishment. 

Who is it for? 

You can never have enough glow! This treatment is perfect for anyone looking for smoother texture, more even tone and a youthful glow. 

You'll leave feeling detoxed and rejuvenated – and best of all, it only takes 15 minutes. Perfect to fit into your lunch break as a midday pick-me-up! 

What's next? 

Good skin takes time, which is why we developed our treatment plans to give you a comprehensive approach to your best skin ever.  

Think of it as your personalised toolkit, with everything you need for visible results that last longer than a single treatment. 

The Express Detox Treatment pairs perfectly with other treatments in our Skin Health plan, which can be customised for your needs to achieve targeted results. For more information, book your free consultation with our expert team.  

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