Where did it all start?


aspasOver 25 years ago, my husband, David, and I founded Skinsmiths’ sister brand, Caci, in New Zealand.

With my background as a nurse and his entrepreneurial spirit we created a clinic that focused on treatments that delivered results, not just ‘pampering’.  51 clinics later, we realised that we had created a brand that did what we set out to do; make the pathway to skin confidence simple.

We wanted to share this with the rest of the world, so we decided to take what we had learned to London, and Skinsmiths was born.aspas 2

Jackie Smith

What is Skinsmiths all about?

Skin confidence

quote markOur skin looks after us, so we want to look after our skin too. We know that one-off treatments don't provide long-lasting results, so instead we’ve used the best evidence to craft our memberships, which are a series of treatments designed to provide long lasting results.quote mark 

"Skin confidence is different for everyone. To me, skin confidence is when my skin doesn’t look my age, but to others it might be having the confidence to go to the gym with no makeup on. It might be when the question “how does my skin look?” doesn’t cross their mind, or when they can feel comfortable having their photo taken. Having great skin isn’t the most important thing in life, I know that, but I also know that if you’re confident, you feel much more ready to take on whatever life throws at you. The way we look plays a part in how confident we feel; it’s not superficial, it’s a proven fact."

"Healthy skin is one of the most universally desired attributes across all cultures and beauty standards. It is built into our biology that when we see clear healthy skin it reflects overall health and wellness. Skin can be healthy without being “perfect”. Freckles can be beautiful, and scars and stretch marks show life experiences that help to tell our story. Skin can still be healthy with all of these “imperfections”.

"We love skin and we want to appreciate it for all the wonderful things it does for us. Our skin does a very important job—it keeps the bad things out and the good things in. Our skin looks after us, so we should look after our skin too. When we are cut, the skin knits itself back together. When we grow, it grows with us. We also appreciate that your skin tells the story of who you are. When we are young, our skin doesn’t have any marks. As we get older our skin shows the life we have lived and the stories we have to tell. We are about healthy skin— not perfect skin."



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