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Skin Health

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Get fresh, bright, healthy looking skin. We'll work with you to develop a treatment schedule to get results.


The Skin Health Membership is made up of conditioning and high intensity treatments, to target your concerns.


Maintain healthy, smooth and hydrated skin and help prepare the skin for more advanced treatments: 

Your treatment schedule will have several conditioning treatments in short succession at the beginning, this is designed to increase skin cell turnover. Following this treatments will become more regular with reviews slotted in along the way.


These treatments are designed to help deliver visible, long-lasting results for more advanced skin concerns:


You will be required to complete a medical form and consent form prior to having the treatment.

I am so pleased with the results of my treatments so far! Brenda has been fantastic in tailoring treatments to my skin's needs and recommending a skincare regime. I love the microdermabrasion facials, my skin looks great. So worth it!