The Basics

The Basics

This is our skincare starter kit. With all the most important steps to support your skin and keep it healthy.

Save up to £22 on this kit with all your basics covered: 

  • Your choice of Cleanser
  • Your choice of Moisturiser
  • Daily Defence Sunscreen

This kit will get you started on your journey to healthy skin.



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  • All your basics are worth £94, together in this kit you save at least £14 (Members save $22!)
  • The number one thing your skin needs to stay healthy is to keep it protected from UV damage every day.
  • Healthy skin needs to be kept clean. Cleansing removes any sweat, excess oil, pollutants and bacteria that has built up over the day from touching your face. So cleansing at least once a day is a must.
  • Hydration helps your skin look its best, and it’s a great place to start a routine. It's like a gateways skincare product — when you want to add some high powered products you’re already in a routine.


  • Anyone who follows a clean and simple skincare routine, get all your basics in one order.
  • Anyone starting skincare, you can’t go wrong with these three steps.
  • For all skin types, choose whichever cleanser and moisturiser works best for you.



If you cleaned your skin last night (good on you) then you don’t have to cleanse again in the morning if you don’t want to, or don’t have time. If you like to cleanse again, then go for it, it’s a nice way to feel refreshed. We get it mornings are pretty hectic sometimes. Lets be real, your face doesn't get ‘dirty’ laying in bed.

Just make sure you use your sun protection daily, and top up through the day if you can.

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Give your face a quick clean to wash the day off and make sure your skin is ready to do some healing and repairing while you sleep. Follow your cleanse with some moisturiser to add a some hydration.

Now go and have a lovely sleep, you deserve it.sleep emoji

Included in the kit:

Your choice of any full-size Cleanser (Cream Cleanser, Gel Cleanser or Water Cleanser)

Your choice of any full-size Moisturiser (Daily Moisturiser, Balancing Moisturiser or Hydrating Moisturiser)

Daily Defence Sunscreen

Check the individual product pages for full details.


For details on your chosen products, check out the HOW TO USE IT section on their individual pages:

Cream Cleanser, Gel Cleanser or Water Cleanser

Daily Moisturiser, Balancing Moisturiser or Hydrating Moisturiser

Daily Defence Sunscreen