The Facial Kit

The Facial Kit

The perfect gift for Mothers’ Day. Give the special lady in your life, or yourself, an extra self-care treat with our at-home facial kit. With everything you need to give yourself a facial at home, your skin will be left glowing and fresh.

Save up to £32.80 with everything that's included in the kit: 

Check out the step-by-step below!



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  • Worth a total of £103, this kit saves you at least £25 (Members save $32.80!)
  • Everyone loves to feel pampered every once in a while!
  • The beautiful soft Cleansing Cloths and Cream Cleanser with help you clean away the day.
  • Our hero Overnight Glow exfoliates your skin and reveals the soft skin underneath.
  • Hydration Booster and Daily Moisturiser will load your skin up with hydration so it's feeling soft and smooth.
  • This kit is the ultimate ritual to help you relax, and treat your skin at the same time.


  • Perfect as a gift for your mum or someone in your life who could use a little ’me’ time.
  • Anyone needing a little TLC, take a break and give yourself a facial.



Use this facial kit whenever you feel like you need a little break, and want to give yourself a bit of love. Best done at night, when you can just totally chill out afterwards or go to bed.sleep emoji

This at-home facial is gentle on your skin so can be done whenever you can squeeze in the alone time. We recommend building up to using your Overnight Glow every 2-3 days for best glowy results.

Included in the kit:

2 Cleansing Cloths

Mini Cream Cleanser (15ml)

Full-Size Overnight Glow (100ml)

Full-Size Hydration Booster (30ml)

Mini Daily Moisturiser (10ml)

Check the individual product pages for full details.


1. Get yourself comfortable in your preferred relaxation spot and ensure you have a bowl of hot water with you.

2. Wet your hands and apply your cream cleanser, massaging all around your face. Really take your time, massage any pressure points that feel sore and let all your facial muscles relax.

3. Wet your cleansing cloth, wring it out and put it over your face. Let the steam warm-up your skin, it feels lovely. Slowly use the cleansing cloth to remove the cleanser, use more hot water if your cloth gets cold.

4. Pump your overnight glow onto your cotton pads. Swipe all over your face, starting with your t-zone (nose, chin and forehead) and ending with your cheeks and down your neck.

5. Apply hydration booster to your hands. Rub your hands together to warm it up and use your whole hands to massage the product in. Again, take your time and give yourself a lovely massage.

6. The last step is to apply your moisturiser, to really lock in the hydration booster. Again warm it up in your hands and massage in with your whole hands (as a bonus, your hands will feel lovely and soft too!) 

7. All done, now time to chill. Go to bed, have a glass of wine or watch some Nexflix — you deserve it!

For the best facial experience:

  • Be generous with the products. When you get a professional facial, we use a lot of product because it adds to the experience and feels more like a treat.
  • Use your whole hands when you are applying products. The extra contact with the face gives a better massage and feels more relaxing.