The Treatment Kit

The Treatment Kit

The next best thing to an in-clinic treatment, this kit includes everything you need to give yourself a highly effective treatment right from the comfort of your own home.

Save up to £31.20 with everything that's included in the kit: 

Check out the step-by-step below for the ultimate at-home treatment!



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  • Separately this kit is worth £105, but combined you save at least £23 (Members save $31.20!)
  • Each product works perfectly to help enhance the others for great results.
  • Overnight Glow removes dead skin cells for smoother texture and preparing your skin the next steps.
  • The Derma Roller creates micro-channels in your skin, which stimulate collagen and help any products to penetrate deeper into your skin.
  • Hydration Booster will flood your skin with hydration at a deeper level and leave your skin looking healthy, plump, and smooth. 


Everyone who is missing their skin treatments in-clinic or wants to give themselves an effective treatment at home.



Do this treatment in the evenings, that way any redness from the derma roller will repair overnight and you will wake up with beautiful glowy skin.sleep emoji

If you’re a Derma Roller beginner, we recommend using this kit no more than once a week. However, if you roll like a pro, feel free to use your roller every 3-4 days.

Included in the kit:

Mini Overnight Glow (20ml)

Derma Roller (0.3mm)

Full-Size Sanitising Spray (100ml)

Full-Size Hydration Booster (30ml)

Check the individual product pages for full details.

1. Gather everything you need to do your treatment:

  • The Treatment Kit
  • A hair tie or headband to keep your hair off your face.
  • Your favourite cleanser.
  • A cotton pad or two.
  • Your favourite moisturiser (optional)

2. Cleanse your face with your favourite cleanser.

3. Next, put your overnight glow onto your cotton pads and swipe it all over your face, starting with your nose, chin and forehead and ending with your cheeks and down your neck.

4. Use your derma roller all over your face. See leaflet inside the box for more details.

5. Apply your Hydration Booster to your whole face a neck. You can follow with your favourite moisturiser if you like.

6. Remember to rinse your Derma Roller and spray with your Sanitising Spray to clean it. Let your roller air dry before putting away once you’re done so you know its ready for next time.